About Me

I have always had a passion for photography.  It is this passion that has led me to become a photographer.  I have always been captivated by photography and the magic of it all.

I love the soft look of natural light in my photography, the softness of the fading evening light, the gentleness of the summer sun under a shade tree.  Natural posing is also something I prefer.  Giving gentle directions, I focus more on the beauty of your relationships and the unique individuals that belong to them.  The art of a child and their own imaginations and how everything is new and exciting to them, is always a thrill to photograph.

Newborns are by far my favorite to photograph, and the special bond they have with their mothers.  Nothing is more precious than a timeless image of a mother and her newborn baby, and knowing that portrait will be treasured as the child grows.  

I began studying photography at the University of Kentucky, in an old tobacco warehouse that is now the art building.  When my family moved to Texas, I followed and finished my studies at Sam Houston State University in 2001, when I received my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Art-Photography.  Since then I have studied under many noted and nationally acclaimed photographers. Continuing my education in my craft is very important to me.  I will always be learning new techniques and gain new ideas.  

I enjoy solving the mysteries of my families past, who they were, what they did, what they were like.  Photographs are powerful in connecting you to the past. Finding a box of my grandparents old photographs and feeling the connection to generations long past, instilled in me the importance of documenting my family now, so that my great grandchildren may know us, and have a small connection to this time.  

What inspired me the most was becoming the mother of a dancer and a want-to-be racecar driver.  They are the most precious things to me.  I am also a wife of a most devoted husband who endures long treks to the most photographic overlook to get "the shot".  

Pamela Powell is a member of The Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographer's Association. 

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