Design Consultation
During the design session, we will meet to discuss your expectations for your custom wall art.  We will discuss size options for the placement of your portrait, as well as what location and clothing would be best suited for display in your home.

Portrait Session
The portrait session is where we get have all the fun!  With the display location in your home in mind, we can focus more on capturing you and your family.  Knowing what is expected will help keep this session fun and relaxed.

Order Appointment
The order session is where you get to decide on the final image or images for your custom wall art.  This is the exciting part!  Make sure to have all decision makers there, or anyone else who might want to purchase.  

We use only archival, museum quality papers and frames to bring you the most longevity for your heirloom.  We offer a selection of beautiful frames to complement your portraits and your home.  These portraits that you have commissioned will be treasured by many generations, as a gift from you.  

Some of the different products we offer are:
Albums and storybooks
Museum quality framed fine art pieces
Gallery Canvas
Gift Certificates

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